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Hypnotherapy has so many implications for conditions that affect the mind and human outlook.

It is a treatment that can bring about mental change on so many levels.  It is complicated and focuses on you as an individual.  There are many misconceptions about hypnotherapy, so our first priority is a free consultation to explain the treatment, how it works with you and understand your needs.


Consultations can be done by telephone so there is no need for you to make an extra journey.  There are no time constraints and treatment is carried out in a private, relaxing setting where you won't have the stresses of waiting rooms or having to see other people.  It is focused on you, your time and your personal space.

Then it is possible to give you treatment that is specific to you.  Sometimes, one session of hypnotherapy will make a difference, but often, two or three sessions may be required to make longer lasting changes.

Hypnotherapy can be effective for many conditions, both physical and mental and any worries or fears you may have will be eased by a consultation.

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